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Advisory Council

Lau Kai Cheong

Chief Information Officer

Singapore Management University (SMU)

Kai Cheong joined Singapore Management University (SMU) as Chief  Information Officer in 2010. Prior to SMU, Kai Cheong was CIO of the  Nanyang Technological University (NTU) where he led 2 departments; the  Centre for IT Services and Centre for Educational Development. He was a  member of a university committee chaired by the Provost tasked with  revamping the undergraduate curriculum, chairman of a sub-committee in  developing the “Classroom of Tomorrow”, chairman of a committee in  implementing a technologically driven “Cool Campus” and a member of a core  committee reporting to the President driving administrative excellence. Prior to  NTU, Kai Cheong was Director of InfoComm Technology with the National  Library Board (NLB) of Singapore which he joined since its inception. He  played a key role in the transformation of the National Library organisation  through process reform and technology. This led to the NLB winning the  inaugural National IT Award in 1998 and the Singapore Quality Award in 2004.  Kai Cheong started his career with the National Computer Board (NCB), now  InfoComm Development Authority (IDA) and held the position as a Senior  Consultant in the Government Chief Information Office. During his tenure, he  was seconded as a faculty member and later became curriculum manager at  the Information Communication Institute of Singapore (ICIS), a collaboration  between Bell Labs of AT&T and NCB responsible for training Information  Communication specialists in Singapore. Kai Cheong has a Master of  Technology from the National University of Singapore and a post-graduate  diploma in Telecommunications Software with specialization in Data  Communications and Networking from ICIS.